Private 1 Day Daintree Tour

Duration | 8 hours
Mobile Ticket OK

Explore the stunning Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation on this all-inclusive private tour. Take a Daintree crocodile tour on the Daintree River, look for wild Cassowaries and learn more about the Kuku Yalanji people, traditional owners of this region in a visit to their cultural Mossman Gorge Centre. With its lush rainforest and pristine coastlines, the Daintree is one of Australia's most celebrated natural landscapes.


  • Daintree Rainforest
  • Cape Tribulation
  • Mossman Gorge
  • Daintree Crocodile Cruise
  • Cape Tribulation Beach
  • Daintree Ferry
  • Daintree Ice Cream
  • Marrdja Boardwalk
  • Naturalist Guide

What's Included

  • Fully guided tour. Experienced naturalist guides.
  • Daintree Rainforest & Cape Tribulation. World’s oldest continuous rainforest UNESCO World Heritage.
  • Great Barrier Reef. See the majestically thriving coral gardens.
  • Mossman Gorge. Experience the cultural aspect of the Daintree Rainforest.
  • Daintree Crocodile Tour. See the prehistoric crocodiles on the Daintree river.
  • Cape Tribulation Beach. See where the rainforest meets the reef.
  • Dubaji Boardwalk. Walk through the Daintree Rainforest to Myall Beach.
  • Mardja Boardwalk. See the complex Daintree Rainforest Ecosystem.
  • Daintree Ice Cream. Taste some amazing organic Ice cream made from local Daintree Ingredients.
  • Fully guided tour. Experienced naturalist guides.
  • Secluded Beaches and Swimming Holes. Experience the hidden gems of the jungle.
  • All national parks. Including fees and permits.
  • Small or private touring group. Comfortable and airconditioned vehicle.
  • Meals and snacks. As per itinerary.

This premium full-day private Daintree tour has pick-ups in a luxury 4WD vehicle from Cairns, the Northern Beaches, and Port Douglas. Depending on where you commence your journey, will impact the itinerary. ‍

Pick up & Return

  • Cairns 8:00am - 5:00pm
  • Northen Beaches 8:00am - 5:00pm
  • Port Douglas 8:00am - 5:00pm

‍Cairns & Northern Beaches: If you are beginning your journey from Cairns or the Northern Beaches, you will venture along the scenic Great Barrier Reef Drive, to Port Douglas. The drive winds along the edge of the Coral Sea and Great Barrier Reef past unspoiled tropical beaches and iconic views. We will stop at Rex Lookout to enjoy these iconic views of the Great Barrier Reef.
Port Douglas: For guests that are being picked up from Port Douglas, we stop at flagstaff hill looking over Port Douglas. ‍

Mossman Gorge
We then journey to Mossman Gorge to enjoy the crystal-clear cascades over large granite boulders, surrounded by beautiful rainforest.

Daintree River Cruise
Explore the famous Daintree River on an eco-friendly Daintree River Crocodile Cruise, boasting a vast range of wildlife, birds and the iconic Estuarine Crocodiles. Solar Whisper is the only zero-emission boat in the Daintree region, and their experienced Coxswain provides a unique perspective of the River, Rainforest and Mangroves whilst searching for the elusive apex predator. The boat is fitted with a "CROC CAM", so everyone gets the best opportunity to experience interactions no matter where you are sitting. Cross the Daintree River on the Ferry and feel the main-land drift away as you become immersed in the completely off-grid community.

Alexandra Lookout
Travel to Alexandra Lookout, providing picture-perfect views of where you will be in awe of the Daintree Rainforest and sweeping views over the Great Barrier Reef.

Marrdja Boardwalk
The Marrdja Boardwalk is a walk in the rainforest that you will never forget. This trail is wheelchair accessible, and whilst it is only 1.2km long - it will take you 350 million years back in time. The informative signs along the boardwalk will teach you about the history of this land, and living specimens of each significant stage of plant evolution over time. The lush vegetation and ever-changing scenery are sure to captivate, and you will be mesmerized as you stroll along this incredible route. You’ll come across a viewing platform that looks out over Noah Creek, providing you with stunning views... just be sure to keep your eyes peeled for crocodiles lurking in the waters below!

Daintree Ice Cream
Pitstop in to the Daintree Ice Cream Company, which is a family-friendly destination that features unique ice cream made from exotic fruits grown in their very own orchard. There is a beautiful Self-Guided Orchard Walk for those interested in fruit trees of the Tropics. This place serves amazing ice cream delights and is an absolute must-see for anyone visiting the Daintree Rainforest!

Cape Tribulation Beach
Next stop Cape Tribulation Beach, is one of the most beautiful parts of Tropical Far North Queensland. Its beauty comes from its untouched wilderness. Cape Tribulation is a truly unique, completely off-grid community where the Rainforest is so dense, it is one of the few places that weren't affected by the Ice Age!enjoy the magnificent scenic views of the Daintree Rainforest and Great Barrier Reef.

Great Barrier Reef Drive
To finish the day, we’ll travel back to along the Great Barrier Reef drive to Port Douglas, Northern Beaches and Cairns, while keeping an eye out for Cassowaries. This is the best value Private 1 Day Daintree Tour, so come join us today!

Meals: Lunch, at Whet Cafe or Cassowary Restaurant (Subject to availability). Morning Tea, at Foxton Bridge Mossman.

Age limits and physical fitness
Our tours have been designed to suit a reasonable standard of fitness – for instance the ability to walk on some uneven surfaces. 
We have no age limits on our Tours. We have had young families on tours, and clients in their 90s. When completing the Medical Waiver Form, it is the guests responsibility to ensure their health and physical fitness is of a reasonable level and they have disclosed any ailments that are of concern. We suggest you seek advise from your GP if you are unsure.

Mobility Challenges & Disabilities: Yes, we have had clients with extra considerations join our Tours and it brings us great joy to be able to make their dream a reality. Please speak with our Agents if you or a member of your group has mobility challenges, a disability or is wheelchair bound. We are able to make adjustments accordingly.

Instant Booking & Mobile Friendly Tickets
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Pre-booking is essential. Please do not turn up on the day without a booking.

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1 Day Daintree Rainforest tour Departing from Cairns, Northern Beaches and Port Douglas from 8am.