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Cooper Creek Wilderness contains an awesome expression of natural and cultural heritage values, resounding of biological diversity, primitiveness, rarity, endemism and perseverance.
Access to this refugial Gondwanan forest, with its representative communities of ancient fauna and flora and the accumulated knowledge of inhabitant guides, cannot be achieved from the convenience of public boardwalks; it requires far greater discernment and determination.
Small, personalised tours are expertly guided ...

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<p>DAINTREE RAINFOREST IS RENOWNED AS THE WORLD'S OLDEST RAINFOREST (135 MILLION YEARS) and the sole place on the planet where two world heritage areas unite in a cellebration of biodiversity.  COOPER CREEK WILDERNESS is a world heritage nature reserve located in the heart of the Daintree Rainforest.  Situated directly below Thornton Peak in the epicentre of a refuge of ancient Gondwanan species, experienced local guides explain the complexities, biodiversity and interrelatedness of the world's oldest rainforest.</p><p>You have to take the Daintree River Ferry to step back in time into a living museum of flora and fauna.  Drive north 19kms (30minutes) on the Cape Tribulation Road to Cooper Creek, turn left after the Cooper Creek crossing, and follow the "guided walks" arrow to the car park.  Your guide will meet you and take you on an amazing journey of discovery. </p>