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Cairns & Far North Environment Centre

The peak environmental group for Far North Queensland. Our mission as an organisation is to ensure the unique and special natural heritage of Far North Queensland is protected.

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About Cairns & Far North Environment Centre

The Cairns and Far North Environment Centre (CAFNEC) is the peak regional non-government environment organisation for Far North Queensland. It was established in 1981 by concerned local and regional community members with an interest in nature conservation and environmental protection.
Our mission as an organisation is to ensure the unique and special natural heritage of Far North Queensland is protected.

Planning and Development
Development along Queensland’s east coast has continues to result in the loss of habitat. Koalas, cassowaries, through to dugongs, dolphins and reefs are being lost at alarming rates.

Marine Conservation
Marine Parks, habitat protection, and reducing land based impacts on our marine environment have been central to the work of CAFNEC for decades. Overharvesting, pollution, shipping and other threats to our oceans, reefs and coastal waters continue to grow. Protection of the Coral Sea and managing the impacts of coastal activities and mining are just two of the many issues we are currently working to address.

Sustainability and Climate Change
We have a vision for creating a sustainable future for far north Queensland and we are working to encourage this transition to a safe and prosperous future for our region.

Cape York
Cape York Peninsula – A National Icon Cape York Peninsula is an ancient and beautiful region that has been home to a diversity of Aboriginal and Islander peoples for thousands of years. But it is also a land of contrasts.

Gulf of Carpentaria
Natural Heritage Issues and Priorities The Gulf of Carpentaria is a vast, relatively unsettled region of northern Queensland, and home to some of Australia’s most important undisturbed river systems, wetlands and marine environments. The region forms a key link in the chain of relatively intact landscapes across northern Australia,

The environment of far North Queensland is increasingly being affected by mining and associated activities. See below for the latest news and events on this issue.

Wilderness Bike Tour
September 24 – October 1 2016 Register NOW…. Registrations are now open for the 2016 Tour. Due to popular demand, rider numbers will be capped at 50, so get in early to guarantee your place! In 2016 we’ll have a new route which is currently being worked on.

Wildlife Issues
We’re lucky to live in a region with abundant native wildlife. From dugong to echindnas, migratory wader birds to flying foxes, there are a diverse range of species living in and around our cities and towns in far north Queensland.

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Our Office is located in historic Cominos House, 27 Greenslopes (corner of Greenslopes & Little Street), Cairns North and is generally open Monday to Friday 9:30 am – 4:30 pm.