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6 Cowie Beach Walk

Access is through a picturesque grove of coconut palms, then be amazed by the layers of colour, the expanse and isolation of this beautiful beach. At low tide, the beach extends out 800 metres, to a brown line of fringing coral reef.

Cowie Beach Walk

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5 Emmagen Creek

Emmagen Creek is in Daintree National Park, about five kilometres north of Cape Tribulation. You can reach Emmagen Creek with a two-wheel drive vehicle, but you need a 4WD if you plan to travel further north on the Bloomfield Track. There is small carpark...

Emmagen Creekdaintree

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3 Emmagen Beach Walk

A lovely little beach with abundant wildlife and great views to the south back to Cape Tribulation, around to Mount Donovan and Cowie Range in the north.

Emmagen Beach Walkdaintree

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4 Mount Sorrow Ridge trail

This trail in the Daintree National Park is a steep and strenuous hike through dense rainforest. Although marked, walkers have been lost in this area. Mount Sorrow is not for everyone—only experienced bushwalkers with above average fitness should at...

Mount Sorrow Ridge traildaintree

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2 Myall Beach Walk

Also from the Kulki car park, a short track with some steps winds its way over the ridge of Cape Tribulation to beautiful Myall Beach.

Myall Beach Walkdaintree

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3 Kulki Boardwalk - Cape Tribulation Lookout

There are three walks starting from the car park at Kulki which is on Cape Tribulation Road, a few minutes drive north of PK's Jungle Village and Cape Tribulation township.

Kulki BoardwalkCape Tribulation Lookoutdaintree

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2 Cape Tribulation Beach Walk

This beach has the most diverse coastal vegetation anywhere in Australia for several reasons. As a tropical rainforest, its vegetation is richer; it is protected by the nearby fringing reef and headland, and has never been developed.

Cape Tribulation Beach Walkdaintree

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3 The Sculpture Trail

The owner of Rainforest Hideaway, Rob Lapaer, has created a series of sculptures along a winding trail through the rainforest on his five acre property. Most of the artwork has been created by Rob himself, but over the years other artists have contributed...

The Sculpture Traildaintree

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2 Dubuji Boardwalk

This walk is in Daintree National Park. Discover lush lowland rainforest, fascinating mangrove swamps and surprising stretches of sandy beach on this boardwalk near Myall Beach.

Dubuji Boardwalkdaintree

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4 Coconut Beach Walk

This is one of those iconic spots “where the rainforest meets the reef”. The rocky border of fringing reef, exposed at tides below about 1 metre, helps protect the coastline and its plants from cyclones and storm surges.

Coconut Beachwalkdaintree

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7 Marrdja Boardwalk

Marrdja is a Kuku Yalanji word meaning 'rainforest' or 'jungle'. This walk in the Daintree National Park contains examples of every stage of the evolution of land plants over 400 million years, including basket ferns, tassell ferns and clu...

Marrdja Boardwalkdaintree

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4 Thornton Beach Walk

Walking south from the café, the walk along the beach takes you to the mouth of Cooper Creek, one of Australia's richest mangrove systems.

Thornton Beach Walkdaintree

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2 Cow Bay Beach Walk

Looking for a deserted beach walk? Cow Bay Beach is the ideal walk. It is possible to walk north along the beach and go around the headlands to reach even more isolated beaches.

Cow Bay Beachwalk

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3 Jindalba Circuit Track

This walk in Daintree National Park begins near the entrance of the Jindalba boardwalk. The track is well marked but is stony in places and crosses rainforest creeks.

Jindalba Circuit Trackdaintree

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2 Jindalba Boardwalk

This shady boardwalk in Daintree National Park meanders through lush lowland rainforest. In places the boardwalk is elevated up to 4 metres above the ground keeping your feet dry as it crosses creeks and swampy areas. From the vantage point of the boardwa...

Jindalba Boardwalkdaintree

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2 Cape Kimberley Beach Walk

Out of the way, and out of this world, a beach as beautiful and nostalgic as our past. This is the way beaches used to be - very few people and a whole lot of nature. Soak up views of Cape Kimberley with Snapper Island directly opposite and to the south,...

Cape Kimberleywalkdaintree

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2 Tranquility Falls

This walk is on private property and there is an entry fee. After a picturesque drive through the Daintree Valley you will arrive at Tranquility on the Daintree, a holiday home and cattle property tucked into the valley and at the bottom of the famous 4W...

Tranquility Fallsdaintree

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0 Daintree Village Historical Walk

Pick up a map at Daintree Riverview Lodge and Van Park which has a museum of collectibles and relics – entry is free.

Daintree Village Historical Walk

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1 Daintree Village Trail

This trail begins steeply but offers good views of the Daintree Village and the Daintree River.

daintree villagewalktrail

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2 Wonga Beach Walk

Walk one of the longest beaches in the Daintree. Behind the sand dunes at the northern end is a Melaleuca forest and beyond this you will find the mangroves and wetlands of the Daintree River system. At the southern end of the beach there are free BBQs.

wonga beachdaintree

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