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Destination Daintree

Destination Daintree

The 95 km (60 mile) Daintree region starts at Mossman Gorge, an hour's drive north of Cairns, continues past Daintree Village, across the Daintree River, through the rainforest of Daintree National Park to Cape Tribulation and along the Bloomfield Tracktowards Cooktown.

The Daintree Rainforest is believed to be one of the three oldest in the world with unique plants and animals found nowhere else, a Paradise for bird-watchers and nature-lovers.

Explore the Daintree on your own or with an expert guide - ancient rainforests, stunning valleys, superb beaches, spectacular forest-clad mountains, clear streams, magnificent rivers and rolling farmlands.

Your experience of a lifetime!

Your experience of a lifetime!

Walk through the Daintree rainforest, spot wildlife on a Daintree River cruise, zip-line through the Daintree rainforest canopy, cruise to the Great Barrier Reef, ride a horse, take a scenic drive, explore the Bloomfield Track or relax on an uninhabited beach – and so much more!

Destination Daintree has accommodation to suit everyone - from budget backpackers'  to world-renowned eco-resorts.

Fill your days with adventure or lay back and soak up the magic of Destination DAINTREE!

The Great Barrier Reef Drive

The Great Barrier Reef Drive

The Great Barrier Reef Drive from Cairns to Cape Tribulation is along spectacular coastline hugging two World Heritage areas, the Great Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropics Rainforest. 


Getting Here and Getting Around

Getting Here and Getting Around
  • Drive Yourself

Driving yourself is the one of the best ways to leisurely explore this area..  If you are really short of time, a day in the Daintree can give you a glimpse of much that is here to be explored but, to truly experience and absorb this region, we really hope you stay a few days.

The various locations throughout the regions offer many options of accommodation and activities and are all a short drive from each other.  Our locations page has detailed information and a sketch map to help you get oriented.

  • Car Hire

You can hire a normal sedan car to drive to The Daintree, and as far as Cape Tribulation.

This is the best transport option as the activities and scenery are spread evenly across the 80km strip of beautiful coastline from Wonga Beach, inland to Daintree Village and north across the Daintree River to Cape Tribulation.

All major roads are sealed and some minor roads are unsealed but well-maintained and suitable for normal cars.

You would only need a 4WD if you wanted to drive the 4WD-only Bloomfield Track beyond Cape Tribulation towards Cooktown, or the challenging CREB Track beyond Daintree Village which is for experienced 4WD drivers only.  Both these Tracks may occasionally be closed following bad weather.

  • Public Transport

There is no regular public transport to the Cape Tribulation or Daintree Village region however the Cape Trib Adventure Bus runs a direct service between Port Douglas and Cape Tribulation from Monday to Friday, departing Port Douglas at 8:30am. The bus allows for either an easy day trip, leaving Cape Tribulation at 4:30pm and returning to Port Douglas by 6pm or for overnight stays. Bookings are essential on 0488 425 or visit the website www.capetribadventurebus.com.au 

Trans North runs a direct service to Cape Tribulation (but not to Daintree Village), coming up from Cairns on Monday, Wednesday and Friday - returning to Cairns on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. They pick up in Cairns around 7:30am and Port Douglas around 8:30am. The trip is dependent on the conditions of the Bloomfield Track to Cooktown so checking the schedules in the wet season is a must.

Daintree Discovery Tours visits Daintree Village everyday and they pick up from Port Douglas. Jungle Tours visits both Daintree Village and Cape Tribulation every day - there are a number of other operators who may not visit every day.

  • Coach Tours

Tropics Explorer, Cape Tribulation Connections and Jungle Tours visit Cape Tribulation each day and offer a variety of packages and will also pick you up and drop you off if you want to stay.  The tours stop along the way and visit several attractions.  These tours pick up in Cairns around 7.30 am daily and return between 5pm and 7pm.  They also allow return days to be nominated for those staying longer.  Prices vary but are approximately $110 pp return.

News By Destination Daintree

Some more gorgeous pics of the Falls..... Magic day for a hike!

Some more gorgeous pics of the Falls..... Magic day for a hike!

By Destination Daintree

23 Jan 2018

Alexandra Falls FNQ
A special thanks to Micheal and Andi for sharing with us.

New era for Daintree Discovery Centre

Daintree Discovery Centre

By Destination Daintree

02 Aug 2016

After almost 30 years under the ownership of founders Ron and Pam Birkett, the Daintree Discovery Centre has been sold to the Aboriginal Development Benefits Trust (ADBT). Peter Cameron, chair of the ADBT, said the Daintree Discovery Centre was an award-winning world class interpretive facility with an established reputation in the tourism industry and was an important acquisition for the Trust’s portfolio. ADBT, which is based in the Lower Gulf of Queensland, was established under the Gulf Communities Agreement negotiated between Century Mine, the Queensland State Government and Gulf Native Title groups.


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