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This Is A Reality Show, Days Of The Daintree

Posted: 28 Jun 2018

For those that just joined the show, there’s a few things you need to know. This is a reality show, Days of the Daintree is the name , and everyday the paparazzi go out in search of fame. We have a cast of a thousand stars and they hang out in the river n...

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Here We Are Learning About Basket Ferns :)

Posted: 07 May 2018

They are epiphytes and perform best when just below leafy branches. The fallen leaves from above become compost and nest in the basket shaped structure of the fern. Because of their 'basket like' structure, these ferns capture and absorb lots of water als...

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Baby Salties!!

Posted: 05 Apr 2018

We started today's tour with a bang, the first of our known crocodile nests has been successful with Lizzy spotted carrying her tiny babies down to the water! Ohh my goodness what a heart stopping moment to witness.

We had the opportunity to observe 4 ha...

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Let The Travel Alliance Group Make Your Visit To Far North Queensland A Memorial One!

Posted: 20 Mar 2018

Let the Travel Alliance Group make your visit to far north queensland a memorial one!

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Our Guests Enjoy Seeing The Wallabies In Cape Tribulation

Posted: 14 Mar 2018

#ExploreTNQ #seeaustralia #visitqueensland

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A Lovely Morning In The Daintree Valley

Posted: 20 Feb 2018

A lovely morning in the Daintree Valley which is looking as beautiful as ever after all the rain last week so we took a leisurely drive along the Upper Daintree road. The rainforest and cattle pastures all Incredibly lush and the cattle all in prime condi...

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Babinda Kayaking Is Back!

Posted: 30 Jan 2018

Babinda Kayaking is back and it's better than ever. Check out the blog and photos at https://phlipvids.com.au/babinda-kayaking-back/

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Look What Can Be Found

Posted: 24 Jan 2018

Look what can be found hiding in the Fan Palms Trees, this little Peppermint Stick Insect, spotted regularly at our morning tea site in Cape Tribulation.

Visit www.daintreetours.com for more information on our small personalized tours departing Port Doug


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Some More Gorgeous Pics Of The Falls..... Magic Day For A Hike!

Posted: 23 Jan 2018

Alexandra Falls FNQ
A special thanks to Micheal and Andi for sharing with us.

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Offshore Coral Nursery A First For Great Barrier Reef

Posted: 20 Dec 2017

Live coral fragments have been successfully collected and installed in the first offshore coral nursery being trialled on the Great Barrier Reef in a bid to regenerate damaged areas of the world’s largest reef.

The Reef Restoration Foundation has a per...

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Great Barrier Reef To Get Help From Coral Gardens Used To Repopulate Bleached Sites

Posted: 20 Dec 2017

A unique research project underway near Cairns to grow healthy coral for replanting on the Great Barrier Reef could soon get a helping hand from tourists.

One of Australia's first coral gardens was planted this week.

Small pieces of coral taken from Fit...

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Summer Is Here

Posted: 18 Dec 2017

Sunrise and so it begins , another day in paradise! Where two world's meet come on take the ride!

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Alice The Agile Wallaby

Posted: 17 Nov 2017

Our second newest baby, Alice the Agile Wallaby at 4 months enjoying a feed. Stay tuned for more baby news and updates on new residents! ALSO 60 Minutes story was filmed here recently. Gil was a star reporter. We will let you know when the show is to be a...

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Our First Mangoes

Posted: 10 Nov 2017

Our first mangoes and these are the delicious, sweet, soft-fleshed R2E2 variety. They are still a little unripe but we are just trying to save a few for ourselves before the Spectacled Flying Foxes discover them! The tree is loaded at the top but it's now...

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Jungle Surfing Canopy Tours As Featured On The Today Sho

Posted: 10 Oct 2017

Look who is in town doing a zipline tour with us, it’s Aislin Kriukelis from the TODAY Show . We had a great time showing her around the rainforest canopy. Thanks Aislin for being such a great sport .
Tune in to Channel 9 for the special feature on Jungl...

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Overall It Was Three Great Days!

Posted: 21 Sep 2017

Stephanie who made the bookings for us was very nice and effective and when we wanted to add two certified dives on the reef tour she managed to arrange so that we got a refund instead of paying extra, quite impressive :) The reef day was the best, the Ca...

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Daintree Ferry 'early Bird' Trial

Posted: 15 Sep 2017

The Daintree Ferry has experienced record numbers of vehicles travelling on the ferry in the past 18 months. Council has been working with local tourism operators north of the Daintree River to develop strategies to minimise delays while encouraging visit...

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Dan F

Posted: 29 Aug 2017

Just had a great day out with Steve and 10 others on the Full day Cape Tribulation trip. The bus was new with LOTS of leg room. Friendly and informative guide. A must do for anyone up this part of the world. A wonderful way to see this part of Australia.

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Sarah S

Posted: 29 Aug 2017

We took a full day trip that included a beautiful lunch in the Daintree rain forest with local fruits that you can only get in Cairns. It included an eco friendly cruise up the Daintree River to see crocodiles. It was simply lovely and we had a croc swim

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Donate This Eofy To Help Power A New Wave Of Environmental Advocacy In Fnq

Posted: 24 Jul 2017

Do you remember when…
All we wanted to do was protect the places we love because they were simply amazing?
We just had to show everyone how amazing they were.

In doing so, we secured World Heritage Areas and National Parks, essential habitat mapping, the...

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