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Cure Your Holiday Hangover - Enter Now To Win A Trip To Port Douglas!

Posted: 10 Oct 2018

We've all been there....that undeniable feeling of doom and gloom as you return home after a fabulous vacation. Whether you have travelled near or far there is no denying the post-holiday blues exist, but never fear we have the cure! Say goodbye to your H


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Coral Successfully Planted On Great Barrier Reef

Posted: 21 Sep 2018

Australia’s first corals to be grown in an ocean-based nursery have been successfully planted on the Great Barrier Reef in a bid to help high-value coral reefs within the World Heritage area recover from recent bleaching events.

Reef Restoration Foundati


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Reef Restoration

Posted: 21 Sep 2018

The Reef Restoration Foundation’s Coral Crusaders have been growing corals on coral tree frames in Australia’s first ocean-based nursery. This restoration method has been proven to help regenerate degraded reefs overseas and is being piloted for the Great


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Ferntree Rainforest Lodge's Thirsty Thursday Daintree Bar Open Tonight From 6pm.

Posted: 20 Sep 2018

Celebrate our back on THIRD THIRSTY THURSDAY DAINTREE BAR NIGHT! Start your weekend now tonight at Thirsty Thursday Daintree Bar Night, here with us only at Ferntree's. 

Delight your taste buds with our classic pizzas and the new tasty bar menu from 6-8pm


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Coral Growth Success

Posted: 22 Aug 2018

The first crop of corals grown in our pilot ocean-based nursery have exceeded expectations, with some of our species, on average, increasing in size by 2.5 times in six months.  The corals were measured and a progress report was prepared by Reef Ecologic,


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A Hot Cup Of Daintree Tea Overlooking The Rainforest.

Posted: 25 Jul 2018

What a perfect way to relax !

Treehouse hideaway in the Daintree Rainforest. There's no wifi or televisions in our rooms, so you can completely escape and relax... 

Photo credit: @cari_ontour 

#silkyoakslodge #roomwithaview#treehouse #hammocktime #ecot


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Cassowary Falls Is A Great Place To Be

Posted: 03 Jul 2018

Even in the depths of winter, which of course is still 27 degrees, Cassowary Falls is a great place to be.
#queensland #swimming #waterfall #wintersun

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This Is A Reality Show, Days Of The Daintree

Posted: 28 Jun 2018

For those that just joined the show, there’s a few things you need to know. This is a reality show, Days of the Daintree is the name , and everyday the paparazzi go out in search of fame. We have a cast of a thousand stars and they hang out in the river n...

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Mason's Fresh Water Swimming Hole

Posted: 27 Jun 2018

Looks like the rain is setting in for a couple of days here in the Daintree! There are still plenty of activities to be enjoyed here at PK's despite the rain - how about a swim at Masons Cafe Cape Tribulation? Only a 15 minute walk from PK's, Mason's fres...

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Enjoying The #cairns Festival 2018 And The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games ?

Posted: 24 May 2018

Enjoying the #Cairns Festival 2018 and the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games ? Don’t forget to explore the surrounds of the #FNQ region during your holiday! We can offer you award winning service and reliable hire cars at a great rate!

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Here We Are Learning About Basket Ferns :)

Posted: 07 May 2018

They are epiphytes and perform best when just below leafy branches. The fallen leaves from above become compost and nest in the basket shaped structure of the fern. Because of their 'basket like' structure, these ferns capture and absorb lots of water als...

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Mini Car Rentals Now Accepts #bitcoin As An Additional Payment Method.

Posted: 18 Apr 2018

Keeping up with the times. Mini Car Rentals now accepts #Bitcoin as an additional payment method.

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Baby Salties!!

Posted: 05 Apr 2018

We started today's tour with a bang, the first of our known crocodile nests has been successful with Lizzy spotted carrying her tiny babies down to the water! Ohh my goodness what a heart stopping moment to witness.

We had the opportunity to observe 4 ha...

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Let The Travel Alliance Group Make Your Visit To Far North Queensland A Memorial One!

Posted: 20 Mar 2018

Let the Travel Alliance Group make your visit to far north queensland a memorial one!

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Our Guests Enjoy Seeing The Wallabies In Cape Tribulation

Posted: 14 Mar 2018

#ExploreTNQ #seeaustralia #visitqueensland

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A Lovely Morning In The Daintree Valley

Posted: 20 Feb 2018

A lovely morning in the Daintree Valley which is looking as beautiful as ever after all the rain last week so we took a leisurely drive along the Upper Daintree road. The rainforest and cattle pastures all Incredibly lush and the cattle all in prime condi...

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Babinda Kayaking Is Back!

Posted: 30 Jan 2018

Babinda Kayaking is back and it's better than ever. Check out the blog and photos at https://phlipvids.com.au/babinda-kayaking-back/

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Look What Can Be Found

Posted: 24 Jan 2018

Look what can be found hiding in the Fan Palms Trees, this little Peppermint Stick Insect, spotted regularly at our morning tea site in Cape Tribulation.

Visit www.daintreetours.com for more information on our small personalized tours departing Port Doug...

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Some More Gorgeous Pics Of The Falls..... Magic Day For A Hike!

Posted: 23 Jan 2018

Alexandra Falls FNQ
A special thanks to Micheal and Andi for sharing with us.

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Offshore Coral Nursery A First For Great Barrier Reef

Posted: 20 Dec 2017

Live coral fragments have been successfully collected and installed in the first offshore coral nursery being trialled on the Great Barrier Reef in a bid to regenerate damaged areas of the world’s largest reef.

The Reef Restoration Foundation has a per...

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