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Cowie Beach Walk

Access is through a picturesque grove of coconut palms, then be amazed by the layers of colour, the expanse and isolation of this beautiful beach. At low tide, the beach extends out 800 metres, to a brown line of fringing coral reef. 

On sunny days, there are incredible layers of tropical colours, from the white sand through beige shallows then deeper turquoise waters to azure skylines.

You will see isolated red mangroves which begin life as aerial roots then looping across the sand to stand like sentinels. Moving sentinels actually, as they slowly develop new trunks as older ones die.

Three different sand crabs leave their food pellets as reminders of their presence. Armies of soldier crabs marching forwards (yes, not sideways), are a feature of this beach on the outgoing tide. Watch for sea eagles, brahminy kites and pied imperial pigeons flying back to their islands in the early evening and hosts of seasonal migrating sea birds. Seasonally, rainbow lorikeets, figbirds and rainbow bee-eaters are abundant.

Expansive and isolated, it's a wonderful beach early morning or late afternoon.

Cowie Beach is 4WD access only, 13 kilometres north of Cape Tribulation along the Bloomfield track, and 6.5 kilometres north of the Emmagen Creek crossing. There is a Stop 7 eBook marker on the left hand side and a small, unmarked carpark on the right.


Walks to the south and north ends of the beach are about 800 metres in each direction at low tide.

A short 1 minute stroll to the beach

Cowie Beach Walk

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