Back Emmagen Beach Walk

A lovely little beach with abundant wildlife and great views to the south back to Cape Tribulation, around to Mount Donovan and Cowie Range in the north.

At the beach, the smooth rocks on the left reveal the mouth of Emmagen Creek. Most local beaches are sandy, but Emmagen is unique in that both banks are lined with water-eroded rocks, a result of the topography of short and steep catchment area and 4 metres of rain annually.

Cormorants, darters, sea eagles, scrub fowl with their huge mounds and the occasional big bird (the cassowary!) are in the area.

As with all local beaches, it is best at low tide, with fringing coral reef exposed at the southern end, with jutting rocks, a pretty creek and a beautiful headland.

There's natural ocean debris washed up along the shore—volcanic pumice, shells and driftwood, plus assorted flotsam. It is all protected so don't take anything except photographs.

The track entrance is hard to see. There is a small car park on the left, 7 kilometres north of Cape Tribulation, opposite an ancient strangler fig. Alongside are two rocks which mark the start of the track.

Grade: Easy
Distance: 500 metres to Emmagen Beach

The walk is a 15-minute round trip
plus up to two hours wandering time.

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