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Dubuji Boardwalk

This walk is in Daintree National Park. Discover lush lowland rainforest, fascinating mangrove swamps and surprising stretches of sandy beach on this boardwalk near Myall Beach. 

From the pleasant Dubuji (meaning 'place of spirits') picnic area, this boardwalk, shaded by a canopy of enormous fan palms, vines and strangler figs, winds its waythrough lowland rainforest swamps and mangroves. Sense  the change in habitats as you cross a spring-fed creek and meander through mangrove swamps. Pause to read signs about how different plants and animals survive, and if you're lucky, you may spot a cassowary.

Spot azure and little kingfishers darting into shallow pools from overhanging branches and watch orange-footed scrub fowl scratching on the forest floor. Walk along the beach during winter and look for passing humpback whales. Enjoy views of Cape Tribulation from Myall Beach you can walk to Cape Tribulation along the beach when the tide is out.

Before you go: Visit for more details, maps and current Park Alerts.

Cape Tribulation Road just before Camelot Close, Cape Tribulation.
Toilets at carpark with café and store nearby.

Easy (wheelchair & stroller friendly)

1.2 kilometre circuit

30-60 minutes

Dubuji Boardwalkdaintree

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