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Coconut Beach

This is one of those iconic spots “where the rainforest meets the reef”. The rocky border of fringing reef, exposed at tides below about 1 metre, helps protect the coastline and its plants from cyclones and storm surges.

Grey mangroves and smooth boulders make a picturesque and peaceful area to contemplate nature's wonders.
To the south, you can spot Snapper Island and the huge horizontal trunk of a Beach Mahogany as it stretches out to the sea, defying gravity. This tree species was used as a canoe tree by the Kuku Yalanji people. Its nuts are toxic and inedible but they are used to make oils, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Another beautiful sight is the lovely flower of the Barringtonia Asiatica or “Bishops hat”. It has white flowing filaments, with a pink tip and yellow micro-tip. Go early in the day, as it blossoms briefly overnight, is then pollinated by fruit bats, and is grounded by early morning.
Don't leave without taking a peek into the spiky pandanus leaves at the entrance to the beach where you may find a peppermint stick insect.

Cape Tribulation Road south of Cape Tribulation. Travelling north, as you drop down Noahs Range towards Cape Tribulation, there is a parking bay with direct access to the beach just before the road splits around a large tree.


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