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Marrdja Boardwalk

Marrdja is a Kuku Yalanji word meaning 'rainforest' or 'jungle'. This walk in the Daintree National Park contains examples of every stage of the evolution of land plants over 400 million years, including basket ferns, tassell ferns and club ferns, cycads, ancient pines and primitive flowering plants.

The walk starts along pretty Oliver Creek, with a stunning hollowed out strangler fig, leaning at a seemingly impossible
45 degree angle.

After a cluster of giant fan palms, the walk passes through some paperbark and pandanus trees and opens dramatically into the most diverse and interesting mangroves in Australia.

The smooth, flaky, creamy-trunked cannonball mangroves have huge seed pods which are often called monkey puzzles after
opening. They have wavy buttress roots and often host orchids among the branches.

Huge and ancient basket ferns grow among the mangroves, sometimes clustered with up to six on the one tree. The golden orchid with its huge sprays are the largest orchids in Australia.

Look for them high up among the older trees near the Noah Creek end of the walk, along with dangling pencil orchids, distinctive pink bottlebrush orchids, Lily of the Valley and cute so-called button orchids.

Well-camouflaged fiddler crabs and mud-skippers hide among the mud and roots. A creek running under a low bridge is popular for many fish including the banded archer fish.

Before you go: Visit for more details, maps and current Park Alerts.

Cape Tribulation Road 10 minutes' drive south of Cape Tribulation.

Easy (wheelchair & stroller friendly)

1.2 kilometre loop

45 minutes

Marrdja Boardwalkdaintree

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