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Cow Bay Beach

Looking for a deserted beach walk? Cow Bay Beach is the ideal walk. It is possible to walk north along the beach and go around the headlands to reach even more isolated beaches.

The first small rocky point to the north has a cluster of projecting rocks, which are a strange metamorphic mix of pinkish, coloured complex quartz striations. These are very hard but, behind these, on the foreshore, are quite different much softer rocks–arange of yellow, black and orange mudstones.

These were created millions of years ago by layers of different coloured muds and are akin to harder sandstones. Like ochres, mudstones are part of the colour palates of the Kuku Yalanji people.

Turn off Cape Tribulation Road at Floravilla and drive to the end of Buchanan Creek Road.


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Cow Bay Beachwalk

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