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Jindalba Circuit Track

This walk in Daintree National Park begins near the entrance of the Jindalba boardwalk. The track is well marked but is stony in places and crosses rainforest creeks.


Look for birds of all kinds—large majestic cassowaries or buff-breasted paradise kingfishers streaming their long tails through the forest. Although many of the park's mammals are nocturnal, you may catch some day-time action with musky rat-kangaroos foraging on the forest
floor and Bennett's Tree Kangaroos rustling about the canopy. After your walk, relax in the Jindalba day-use area.

You need to be reasonably fit to do this walk.

Before you go: Visit for more details, maps and current Park Alerts.

Turn off Cape Tribulation Road at the Daintree Discovery Centre. The start of the walk is at the end of Tulip Oak Road, Cow Bay.


3 kilometres

2-3 hours

Jindalba Circuit Trackdaintree

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