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Jindalba Boardwalk

This shady boardwalk in Daintree National Park meanders through lush lowland rainforest. In places the boardwalk is elevated up to 4 metres above the ground keeping your feet dry as it crosses creeks and swampy areas. From the vantage point of the boardwalk you can enjoy views of the surrounding lowland rainforest.


From information signs along the way, learn about the ecology and diversity of the rainforest and find out how different species have evolved to survive in this tropical environment. Early morning and late afternoon are good times to spot the coastal Bennett’s Tree Kangaroo and if you are lucky, you may also see a cassowary.

A stream runs through the rainforest. Wetter spots are fringed by king ferns, ancient plants which appeared 325 million years ago, pre-dating the dinosaurs.

Another ancient plant seen here is Hopes Cycad (possibly the world's tallest cycad at 20 metres high), which has been around for 40 million years.

Jindalba (meaning 'foot of the mountain') is the local Kuku Yalanji people's name for this area.

Before you go:
Visit for more details, maps and current Park Alerts.

Turn off Cape Tribulation Road at the Daintree Discovery Centre. The start of the walk is at the end of Tulip Oak Road, Cow Bay.


650 metres / 30 minutes

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