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Cape Kimberley Beach Walk

Out of the way, and out of this world, a beach as beautiful and nostalgic as our past. This is the way beaches used to be - very few people and a whole lot of nature. Soak up views of Cape Kimberley with Snapper Island directly opposite and to the south, the expanse of Trinity Bay to the headlands north of Cairns.

To the north of the carpark there is some amazing rockhopping around the headland at low tide. See little rock pools, crabs, oysters, algae, mudstone for painting, and jagged rocks to attract any fishing lines.

The 2 km walk from Cape Kimberley down to the mouth of the Daintree River will satisfy your exercise needs and give you a sense of quietness, personal space and isolation.

Walk slowly. You might see a school of dolphins rounding up sea mullet; sea turtle; perhaps a passing pelican or sea eagle fishing; a soaring reddish-white Brahminy kite; or stingrays patrolling the shallows. You'll certainly see driftwood, flotsam, exposed casuarina roots, pandanus and swamp lilies, the odd coconut and a lonely stand of paperbarks (melaleucas) near the River mouth.

Stroll, wander, wonder and snap for hours. Crab-art? You'll see crab-art from the little sand-bubbler crabs on this and many local beaches.

Cape Kimberley turn off is 4.7 km north of the ferry on Cape Tribulation Road. From here, drive 5 km on good quality gravel road to the beach.


5 kilometres
1 ½ hours return

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