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Daintree Village

This trail begins steeply but offers good views of the Daintree Village and the Daintree River.

Along the track you will see eucalypts, acacias, paperbark, and one of the ancient and interesting plants known as Cycads. Of the various ferns along the way, the most obvious is a climbing fern which forms an attractive curtain but its tangled wiry stems can be frustrating to deal with when walking through a forest hung with this creeper.

One of the more common epiphytes seen is the Bottlebrush Orchid. These can form fairly large clumps with sprays of small flowers borne in a tight bottlebrush-like cluster from August to November.

Look out for the Lovely Fairy-wrens in family groups by the track.

Pioneers Park in Daintree Village. Walk 50 metres along Stewart Creek Road and take the first track to the left, on the edge of Pioneers Park. Go past the water treatment plant and water tanks.


1 kilometre

45 minutes

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