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Manjal Jimalji Trail

This walk within the Daintree National Park is very challenging and suitable only for experienced walkers with above average fitness. Locally known as Devils Thumb, this trail is best attempted during the dry season only. The trail is isolated, and help can be hours away. You must be responsible for your own safety and be well prepared.

This trail starts at Little Falls Creek. Take care crossing the creek then follow the trail as it climbs steeply through the forest. After 3.3km and a gain of 1000 metres elevation, enjoy views over the coast from the clearing. Always stay on the walking track—people have been seriously injured when leaving the track to photograph the waterfall.

It is 2km further (4km return) to the summit—only continue if
you have climbing experience and 5 hours of daylight remaining as camping overnight is not permitted.

About 400 metres after re-entering the rainforest you'll pass a giant boulder known as Split Rock. On the final section you'll need climbing skills to negotiate large boulders scattered across your path before you reach the lookout.

On a clear day, enjoy views over the Main Coast Range, and Daintree Valley and coast. Retrace your steps to return.

The trailhead is 17km north of Mossman via Miallo and Whyanbeel Roads. Pass the Karnak Playhouse and park beside the road after crossing the cattle grid. From here it's 700 metres on foot, following markers through private farmland to the start at Little Falls Creek.

Before you go:
Visit for more details, map and current Park Alerts.

Difficult - Map essential

10.6 kilometre return

8 hours

Manjal Jimalji Traildaintree

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