Back Safety in the Daintree National Park

Daintree National Park

Please be safe when visiting this park.

Dangerous stinging jellyfish ('stingers') may be present in tidal and coastal waters at any time, but occur more frequently in the warmer months.

Do not touch stinging trees. They grow up to 4m high, have large, heart-shaped leaves with serrated edges and often occur along rainforest edges. Touching any part of the plant leaf results in a very painful sting. If you are stung, and symptoms are severe, seek medical advice.

On extended walks ensure you have enough drinking water and protect yourself from the sun. Wear sturdy shoes and appropriate clothing. With the longer walks, we recommend letting someone know and advise them of your expected return time. That way, should you get into trouble, they can raise an alert.

Daintree National Parkdaintree rainforest

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